D5, A9… or waiting for Z9 (sports photography)

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D5, A9… or waiting for Z9 -------Alpha 1

michaeladawson wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

You may be extracting what you want to hear, not what's being said. As from Ryan Cooper at f stoppers, this IS the new narrative on Nikon by many.

"what does sticking to Nikon really benefit me over switching brands? I can just as easily adapt my existing glass to Sony as I can to Nikon Z. It isn't measurably better. I don't save money by sticking to Nikon. I don't have much brand loyalty."

Nikon dropped the ball by not locking us in. They opened it wide open. How stupid of them.

I don't disagree with that. It just goes back to my original question. Why haven't you left already.

What I have is extremely good. I likely will never need anything better. However.......

Since I added a D4 to my original D800, I've been looking for a higher MP body with the AF of the D(1 digit) bodies. The D810 didn't do that, the D850 is still off the mark. The Alpha does it. However, I'm not dropping $10000 Cdn on a body.

And I need not answer to anyone on leaving or not leaving Nikon , Nikon DSLRs or whatever, when you pare it down. Though I did give you an answer.

Here's a way to look at it. If mirrorless didn't exist would you be upgrading your DSLR equipment on a regular basis?

I did that D800/D800e - D810-D850. And D4-D4s. When I hit the D850 and D4s I have no inclination to go any further in DSLRs. They do everything I need.

But a 2 in 1 pro body, a la Alpha 1 might sway me to ditch D850, D4s, D500 and buy one body, but for the 10 thousand.

Would you really wait 10 to 15 years to upgrade to Nikon's current cameras and lenses at that time?

With the D850, D500 and D4s, any issues with not getting the images will fall back on me. I'm not looking for a body that is a fail proof, point and shoot. My current bodies gives me the feeling that I am having some input, some control, some use of a skill set to get the images. Those three bodies give that kind of balance, unlike previous bodies (D800 comes to mind) that limited me by their capabilities.

On the other hand, if you are saying that moving to mirrorless is inevitable, but your current equipment works just fine for what you need and you want to let mirrorless get another couple of iterations under its belt, then I can understand.

I don't believe it's inevitable, but for BIF, a silent shutter would be helpful. I'm not interested, per se, in 30 fps, IBIS and some of the other attributes associated with ML, but if they're a part of the package, that's not a problem.

But I'm not doing any selective reading of posts in this forum. I follow the forum regularly. I'm not misunderstanding what I read here.

I think reading in a forum, text, email, as opposed to a conversation, inherently injects a certain amount of misunderstanding.

Tying me to this "My question is why haven’t you, TO, lickity, et.al. left already? It’s apparently clear from your opinions that Nikon will never make mirrorless cameras that beat their DSLR counterparts." is not correct, misunderstanding on your part or whatever.

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