Lower Antelope Canyon - camera settings

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Craig Gillette Forum Pro • Posts: 11,751
Re: Lower Antelope Canyon - camera settings

I've only shot Lower once.  Of the two lenses you asked about, I'd suggest the 17-35.  (I used a 12-24 on aps-c and it covered what I wanted.  Not that long isn't useful, but if limited to one, I'd take the wider.)  Depth of field is needed so f8, f11.  I don't think you'd want to consider changing lenses, whether for time or dust issues. The light varies a lot.  Remember, at the top it's potentially direct sunlight on the walls or shooting into the sky, and at the bottom, you are well down into a narrow walled canyon.  You may want to practice hand holding for "longer" exposures, maybe leaning up against walls, etc.

I don't recall which mode I used just wasn't Manual.  But that was 7 years ago and I might try something different if visiting there again.

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