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Re: Lower Antelope Canyon - camera settings

SrS12 wrote:

Hello all,

I'm headed to Page,AZ around Christmas and have a reservations to Lower Antelope Canyon @10:15. I'm looking for help with camera settings since the photo tours are no longer available and I'll have to shoot handheld . I'm a newbie but reasonably comfortable shooting landscapes in Manual mode with a tripod but am not confident I can make the needed changes to settings while being rushed thru the canyon.

I'll be using a full frame Canon 6D with a 17-35 f2.8 . So,a few questions

  1. What settings would you recommend I use in manual mode ? Thinking ISO 800 ,aperture f11,shutter speed??
  2. Would a 24-105 f4 be a better lens to carry?
  3. Should I use Aperture priority (f8/f11?) instead of Manual mode ?
  4. Lastly,is a 10:15 tour good for the light? I've read conflicting reports here on the best time of day to visit (most references are to summer but couldn't find much for Dec)

Thanks in advance ,


I've photographed lower numerous times and the time of day really makes a difference. I like shooting it with as little direct sunlight as possible coming into the canyon. In the lower canyon you'll find yourself shooting up quite a bit and if the sun is hitting the dark canyon wall it makes for some very uneven lighting so earlier the better.

I like to shoot @ iso100 but that makes it tough as the exposure time is increased. Shooting @ iso 800 should be fine with any newer camera. You'll get some DOF problems so f8-f11is what you'll need to shoot at. Since tripods are no loner allowed shooting handheld slower shutter speeds is tough just go as fast as you can and lighten in P.P. Best lens would be 24mm or wider for most shots.

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