Recommend a type of TV for displaying photos

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Recommend a type of TV for displaying photos

Due to reorganizing our place, I finally get an office to myself.  It's the smallest room in the house, with a tiny window with no view at all.

I'm thinking it'd be good to get a large TV to have as a "picture window" showing the many pictures of places I've been.

I haven't bought a TV in over 10 years.  The 2 TVs I have are both plasma TVs having looked into them back then and determining that, at the time, they were better than the LCD/LED TVs that were cheaper alternatives.

Today, nobody makes plasma anymore.  And further, I'm not really liking how mine are portraying my pictures (colors way too saturated) though they do a fine job of displaying TV shows and movies.

What are some suggestions for a modern TV to display my photos?  The audience will be just me.  I'm thinking that a 60-inch size is good.

I use IPS displays for my computer and laptop.  I like the color accuracy and wide viewing angle when photo editing.  But I'm pretty sure there aren't any 60-inch IPS panels that are reasonable in price.

Should I get a TV that is "4K"?

My eyes aren't that great.  An example is that I'm using an inexpensive 32-inch IPS display that is only 1080p (1920x1080).  My kids can see the "blockiness" or pixelation of text on this large but "only" standard resolution monitor.  And I believe I can see it too if I try hard.  But after using it a while, the somewhat "low" resolution of this monitor has not been an issue, certainly not for web browsing and not even for photo editing (though maybe I don't know what I've been missing had I been using a 4K monitor all this time).

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