Sony RX100M6 strange long exposure behavior

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Jeffrey J Davis
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Sony RX100M6 strange long exposure behavior

All -

Quick Q to see if any other RX100M6 owners have experienced the strange behavior which I regularly see.   This happens only when I am trying to capture longish exposures in brightish light (without an ND obviously).  Settings I'm normally using:

  • Tripod
  • AFS, focus point SMALL
  • A-Priority f11
  • ISO at 80 to force longer shutter (I know it's a non-native ISO and I will lose highlight headroom etc.).  Typical shutter speeds were ranging 1/6 to 1/10 based on the light I had (using multi-point metering)
  • Shutter on 5 sec timer
  • R+J

Yesterday while shooting using this combo, I would be able to get a number of shots, typically 1/6, f11, ISO80.   Occasionally you could see the LCD screen look like it was flashing back and forth rapidly between A and P mode, sometimes even iAuto mode, judging by the icon in upper left.   some of the shots ended up being taken using much shorter shutter (i.e. f4, 1/80, ISO80 as opposed to f11, 1/8, ISO80) though I had not touched the control wheel.  Occasionally I could not get it to take a shot at all, almost like it couldn't focus (though I was focused on a distant rock feature or waterfall).

I've noticed that if I shoot without using timer,  it seems to work 100% of the time with the extended shutter .

The rest of the camera works fine, I'm wondering if this is some weird firmware glitch coming into play only using fake ISO's and timers  or whether there is some setting I might have set which is causing it to override my exposure settings.   Has anyone ever experienced similar or can anyone try to duplicate?

I still got some shots it's just frustrating when you can't figure out what your gear is doing.

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