Extension tubes for L mount possibility....

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Extension tubes for L mount possibility....

Hi all,

I really miss having the option of using extension tubes with my L-mount system, as nobody produces them at this point in time.

To that end, I contacted a few of the aftermarket extension tube companies, and got a semi-promising one back from Vello:

"Hello Janet,

Thank you for contacting Vello Customer Support. I have forwarded your request to the development team and if there are enouph requests we might have it out fior sale in the not so distant future .

Vello Customer Support
Gradus Group"

So, my request to all of you kind L-mount users out there who might want a set of extension tubes would be to please email Vello and ask if they could produce them.

If enough of us do this, perhaps we can inspire them to market a few of them....

The contact page I reached them through is at:




PS: So far the only other company I have heard back from is Kenko, and they said NOPE...so that's one that's off the possible list for sure.

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