Tack sharp focus on subjects eyes....

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Re: Tack sharp focus on subjects eyes....

chester0711 wrote:

Anyone have tricks or thoughts on what you are doing to get those eyes into sharp focus?

On top of the other comments, AF Fine Tune will be helpful when wide-open.

I use this system:


Save yourself some money and subjective back-and-forth, by doing what I call "live view AF flip tune". It is objective, quick, easy, cheap or free, and can be done in the field:
1) On a tripod, ideally no less than 50 times the focal length (e.g., 50mm --> 2.5metres minimum) square-up on a well-lit target with enough detail to grab focus accurately (e.g., the simple Nikon focus target at https://nps.nikonimaging.com/technical_solutions/d4s_tips/af_fine-tuning/img/img_02.gif, or just a bookshelf or brick wall) and set the lens at its widest aperture.
2) Using centre-point only, flip to live view and focus.
3) Leave live view and focus while watching the focus scale on the lens.
4) If the lens focuses further away than it was with live view, it's back-focusing: add some negative AF Fine Tune. If it focuses closer, then add some positive fine-tune. Goto step 2.

Once the lens stops moving when moved from live view, the AF Fine Tune is correct. Note that, because PDAF focus is not always perfect, the lens may move some of the time - as long as it has stopped moving most of the time, you're good to go.

For zooms, set the AF Fine Tune for near, middle, and far. If the AF Fine Tune number is different at different focal lengths, pick an AF Fine Tune number that is a compromise based on where you expect to use the lens most of the time.


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