Tack sharp focus on subjects eyes....

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Re: Tack sharp focus on subjects eyes....

chester0711 wrote:

This is an odd one, as I feel after years of shooting, I should be better. I am struggling to get tack sharp focus on the subjects eyes when I open the aperture nice and wide. Am I expecting the impossible with a 1.8 or 2 aperture?
Some lenses produce better results for then others. For instance with my 50mm (nikon D1.8) I can nail the focus most of the time. With my 85mm (G1.8) I struggle mightly....to the point where I just can seem to hone it in and I get soft eyes....
Anyone have tricks or thoughts on what you are doing to get those eyes into sharp focus?

The more you open the aperture, the less area in focus. The longer the lens, the focus area decreases if shot from the same distance.

Here is an online depth of field calculator to see how different f-stops, lenses and distances affect focus area.


Only "trick" I know of is the eye-auto-focus feature of modern mirrorless cameras.

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