Is this OK for brand new a7S III? Photos are covered with colored dots (mostly white).

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Is this OK for brand new a7S III? Photos are covered with colored dots (mostly white).

Lens used: doesn't matter. I used no lens, bayonet cap closed, perhaps any lens would give the same result (tried with Tamron 28-75mm, result is the same).

Problem is clearly seen under the following conditions: 0.8s shutter and 5000 ISO.

Please, see attached images.

Shutter 0.8s ISO: 5000

Shutter: 0.8s ISO: 10000

Software: ILCE-7SM3 v2.01

Shortening the shutter makes the problem slowly fade away, where at 1/3 it's almost invisible (you still can say it's there by seeing a few remaining dots). However, switching it one step further, that is from 0.8 to 1s and it's completely gone, which is strange. Observation notes: Even pictures are taken a bit differently at shutter 1s and longer: I start to see "Processing..." on the screen for the time of the shutter after it's already did its thing for that shutter time again. In short, it takes twice shutter time to take pics at 1s and longer. I guess, it has something to do with how this camera works. Then again my question is about the dots, and not what happens at 1s+. This is just my observation.

Increasing the ISO makes it worse. Lowering ISO makes the problem slowly fade away, but it's still visible on 1000 ISO.

I have ready about dead pixels, which are black. These don't look like dead pixels to me.

I have read about hot and stuck pixels, and my problem looks like it, but as far as I understood, these should be in different places for each photo. However, mine are on the same spots all the time for all the test photos I did.

I have read about pixel remapping (the 2 month trick), but it only remaps dead pixels, and I do not want it to remap hot pixels (since they can be temporary and appear randomly) and I do not want to remap pixels on a brand new camera. And I do not want them to be so many in first place so I have to remap.

In the end my question boils down to the following: is this normal or should I immediately take the purchase back to the shop and change it for a different a7S3 camera? None of my other cameras give similar results after years of everyday usage. Could you share some pics with cap closed, no lens, 5000 ISO and 0.8s shutter?

Thanks for any advice.

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Sony a7S III
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