Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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EVF & peaking for manual focus

I wanted to replicate the experience of shooting film on my old SLR (Ricoh XR7, if anybody wonders).  I wanted to use vintage SLR lenses with manual focus and aperture rings, and ideally in the "full frame" 135 Format those lenses were made for.

Although I could put vintage K-mount lenses and (with an adapter) M42 thread mount lenses on my Pentax DSLRs, they were all APS-C and were not available with split-prism and micro-prism focusing screens.  When Katz Eye went out of business, and almost the same time the full-frame Pentax finally (after years of waiting) showed up with a focusing screen that couldn't even be swapped out, that was the last straw.  I clearly wasn't getting what I wanted out of DSLRs.

I got what I wanted from a Sony A7.  I could easily adapt almost any vintage SLR lens to it, and it has  135 sensor, and manual focusing through the EVF with magnification and focus peaking is superb.

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