Windows PC for Large Photoshop Files

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Re: Windows PC for Large Photoshop Files

Ken60 wrote:

Your first comment reads

The slowdown during those data reads is very tangible, bordering on unpleasant, and no SSD will make it otherwise. But having enough RAM will make such an occurrence so unlikely that a person may never experience it.

Second comment reads:-

but it can be placed on the fastest available disk. Adobe's documentation covers all this. And sure, the speed to the scratch disk will absolutely affect the degree of unpleasantness

I think you need to sit down and work this through and stop saying FACT to substantiate a confused mind !

I'm sorry that this concept is difficult for you.

1. SSD as scratch will not prevent the slowdowns that occur when scratch must be read by Photoshop, i.e. when RAM is exhausted.

2. SSDs of all types will be superior to older technology (spinners) but will still lag greatly in performance vis-à-vis RAM.

I apologize for not being able to explain this in a way that is better suited to your ability to understand.

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