Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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Re: Not because it is necessarily better.

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I choose mirrorless because that's where all the R&D dollars are going. Hard to invest in an system(DSLRs) that everyone but Pentax is abandoning.

Cameras and lenses have become terrible investments; they've electronified everything and none of it will last like it used to in the film era.

It explains why you can get 10 years/100,000 miles for a car, but manufacturers won't even stand by their bodies/lenses beyond one year. Nikon used to have a 5 year warranty, but they quietly did away with that.

You can't blame Nikon for that. when I used an SLR, my shutter count was limited by how much film I could afford. When we moved to DSLRs it became much easier to notch up thousands/hundreds of thousands of shots at no cost. Then with mirrorless the technology allows/encourages us to shoot at very heavy fps, use many shot stacking, video etc etc. A modern camera probably gets a 100 times the wear of my 1970s SLRS. Warranties based upon time are a risky business for the manufacturers

The fewer the moving parts, the less the wear from heavy use. Keeping the camera cool with a heat sink will also help.

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