Sigma Color Technology or Sigma Color Know-How?

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Re: Sigma Color Technology or Sigma Color Know-How?

Tom Schum wrote:

I had been using "Sigma Color Science" but Don Cox suggested the names above.

My question is, "Is Sigma Color Technology real, and if so, is it better?"

What is unique about this is Sigma has developed their technology for almost 20 years around the Foveon sensor, and the others have basically stayed with Bayer and other color filter array sensors.

Now that Sigma is moving ahead with Bayer sensors in the fp and the fp L, is some of this previous experience and artistic taste "rubbing off" on the new models? Or, is it just a mirage?

In 2007 or 2008, I pre-ordered the DP1, seeing its images in Sigma websites. Taking pictures in summer 2008, I was so mesmerizing with its renderings. One example:

Since then, I played around with numerous cameras and lens, taking all kinds of images in different situations. Good images, no complaints.

In 2019, I took the same DP1 to a summer vacation and took some pictures. To me, the magic was still there.

Since then, I sold all my cameras and lens, keeping the the Sigma DP1, SD15, and the Sony A7RM4 and the Sony A7c. The Sonys are for other occasions.


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