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Re: I agree with Dan......

Petruska wrote:

I ran a test with both Canon and Epson, dye and pigment inks about 2-3 years ago in Pennsylvania. I printed the ink on appropriate Epson and Canon luster paper. Placed the prints on a room inner wall with no direct window light for 1 year The dye prints faded badly and the pigment prints has zero fade. I agree that the print environment affects the end results tremendously. The control print testing people don't test for different environmental conditions. Thus there are sooooo many variables that affect fading that you need to run your own fad tests for your particular ink/paper/environment conditions to obtain meaningful results and expectations.

Bob P.

And the issue with annecdotal testing like you describe is that we have no idea what inks you actually tested nor anything about your environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, average light intensity, ozone, NoX levels).

Were the Epson dye inks labeled Claria or were they from an inexpensive consumer office printer model? If they were OEM Claria dyes and they faded noticeably within one year, then you have a very high level of ozone in your environment. That level of ozone which fades Epson Claria dyes so quickly is probably not so good for human health, either.

That said, I do agree that pigmented inks are more stable than dyes as a general rule of thumb, but the best dye-based sets from Epson and Canon have come a long way in overall fade resistance, and with reasonable care should provide many years of excellent fade resistance on wisely chosen media. Thus, with both high quality OEM dye or pigmented ink sets, media choice is now becoming the variable to consider more carefully when stable long lasting prints are the goal.

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