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Another thought

Dear Selrond:

congratulations on your decision to enter the world of photography. Congratulations on joining the Fuji family of users and this forum. Congratulations on selecting a fine photo-graphic instrument.

The X100 photographic instrument is good at what it does. Unfortunately it isn’t as versatile as bodies with interchangeable lenses. It may be that you need a change of pace by changing your focal length. If that is the case, you have outgrown your instrument or selected the wrong instrument. This may be a sign of growth. Keep your x100 as a backup or a liter camera to bring with you when a larger body with lens(or lenses) is either too big or heavy to schlep.

You may need to purchase a body that accepts different lenses. This presents two problems. First, which body do you purchase? Try and find some clarity as to what you want the body to do and how much are you willing to spend. You might find an older body may do what you want. Second, what lens or lenses to purchase. Zoom or prime? What focal length and how fast must it be. Big and expensive decisions.

Here is another thought. I didn’t read all the threads so if this thought has been offered and I didn’t make an attribution, I apologize. Most of us in Fujiland are photographers. You have another option. Video. Wouldn’t it be nice to see and hear your child when they were a baby? You mention the T4. A real video monster in addition to producing excellent still images. Of course, this will entail more equipment and video editing program. Also picking up some additional skills. This may keep your interest sharp.

As mentioned by our moderator, you may want to rent before you purchase. You don’t want to make another purchasing mistake. Go to a brick and mortar store. The sales staff could guide you with your selection. Frequently the price of the rental can be used towards the purchase price. Also, having the gear in your hand may tell you, for example, the gear is too heavy. Good thing to know before your credit card come out of your wallet.

I’m sure another poster has suggested this too. One of my favorite Fuji  functions are the film simulations. Play with them. There is a function you can select where you take one image and the body will give you three different film simulations. This could help you decide which looks you like. Yes, it will eat up memory but memory is cheap.

Please let us know your decision and share some of your images.

Mask on Nurse Marty

I don’t remember if you said after a year using your gear you enjoyed being a photo-grapher. Another thought. A point & shoot body with a zoom may be what you want.

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