Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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Re: Why did you choose mirrorless ?

JimH123 wrote:

Occasionally, you see things written 50 or 100 years ago guessing what things would be like in our day. Needless to say, no one is ever close.

In 'Thunderbirds' Gerry  Anderson correctly predicted that EVERYONE would have mobile communication devices, OK his puppets had walkie-talkies and we all have smart phones, but the principle was correct,

Apart from that, where are the flying cars? wheres my jet-pack? where are my silver clothes and why aren't a whole bunch of us living on Mars?

You're right, no one is ever close

I went mirrorless because i wanted a small camera with interchangeable lenses. I've still got a big old SLR but i rarely buy film for it.

Cheers. C

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