Don't upgrade from Mojave to Big Sur

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Re: Don't upgrade from Mojave to Big Sur

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These are well known issues that have to do with the changes to the file system and Apple's perpetual issues therewith. Not dis-similar to Apple and basic I/O functions, but I digress.

In my experience the Big Sur installer will not work on a Mojave installation and TELLS the user to install Catalina first because, THE FILE SYSTEM.

Having experienced "the brick effect" with macOS updates I tend to keep a clone of macOS, easy because of how small the storage is in most Apple machines, as it is easier to restore than reinstall and slog through what Time Machine deigns to yield.

Time Machine works perfectly to restore your system to the way it was. So what if it takes an hour or two? For most users it is also much easier than dealing with cloning.

Not if you schedule a regular clone (daily, weekly, or whatever..) - then the initial work is all you have to 'deal with'.

Think like a normal user.

I am a normal user.

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