40mm 2.0 - Field tested wide open, street photography

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40mm 2.0 - Field tested wide open, street photography

So theres been a flurry of interest, threads and images posted now that the 40mm 2.0 is being delivered. I now have mine too.

But, having turned my place upside down, I couldn't contribute to the discussion. I couldn't locate any food packaging, plastic toys, brick walls or pets to photograph. Nor any test charts.

So I had a sleepless night. But then I woke up. Remembering that I've never "tested" a lens in the past anyway and I ain't about to start now.

But I had a cunning plan. Do what I always do. Go out and take photographs with it!

In this case, street photography, because, err, that's what this lens is designed for!

But, this time, I'd be really hard. Put the dang thing on a Z7 II and shoot it only wide open at 2.0 in flat overcast light. Harsh I know.

Did it perform? Frankly not really.

I'm spoilt owning the trinity 2.8 zooms plus the 50mm and 85mm 1.8S. The raw files from those lenses are a delight to work with both from my Z6 II and Z7 II. They have a biting sharpness, colour and contrast.

Whereas the files from this little 40mm shot wide open were flat, dull, muddy, soft and mushy in comparison.

I have a certain style for processing my street images, both in colour and monochrome.

But this lens needed a huge swipe to the right on the texture and clarity sliders to get even barely close to looking like my other Z lenses.

Bottom line? It took me ages to process each image to give it "artificial sharpness". My S lenses take seconds process in comparison.

You'd not notice that on social media files, but I wouldn't print large from this lens from images that were shot wide open.

Am I being harsh? Not really. I just wouldn't use this lens wide open. Whereas my S 1.8 primes are razor sharp wide open.

Bottom line? Stop it down and crack on. For me, I'll be sticking to what I have and regretfully this little fella is going back.

Full size (EXTENSIVELY) processed jpegs from Raw:

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