TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

I've never had such a problem: I have kept my ZS25 in "A" Mode, set maximum (Sharpest on these aperture extremely short focal length, and therefor Diffraction Limited lenses.)

(AND also on -3 EV to keep from 'blowing' highlights.)

In years long past, while on a Navy ship, cameras were often stolen, but my old Leica lllf with extensive "Brassing" (Black paint worn off exposing dull yellow brass underneath, and with a lenscap I bought new, defaced with a hammer & some chemicals to take the shine off the metal, was never touched. "Urban Camouflage". True Story - I was well known as "The guy with the camera.", but thieves wanted shiny Argus C-3 type cameras to hock, I guess, not grubby old Leicas.

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