Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

Of course you are burnt out. Let me guess. You got a new camera and there is no doubt you have taken thousands of family pictures in all kinds of situations. You have a LOT of pics to wade through with editing, etc. Digital is GREAT when it comes to learning photography because of the immediate feedback but leads to a lot of overshooting. The more images, the more to wade through to process. This does get old. In your case, it is merely variations of the same subject...your family. Am I close on my assessment?

When, I started photography close to 50 years ago, a person was limited to 36 frames on a roll of film. This and the expense to have it processed built in a discipline of sorts. Even when shooting with a motor drive, my finger automatically lifted up from the shutter button after 3 frames for film conservation. Believe or not, to this day, my finger will still automatically lift unconsciously after 3 frames shooting fast action using a digital camera. The point to this is to advise you to be far more selective what you do shoot. This will cut down wading through a lot of essentially redundant images.

Will getting new equipment invigorate your photography? Probably not if you plan to simply continue on the same path you are on now. There will be a time that you want to shoot sports that a child participates in and this will require different equipment. Do you really have time currently to go off and shoot by yourself to explore photography? A person with a young family usually doesn't. Life does get in the way for such pursuits. It did for me. Now if you have not identified a specific need for different equipment then why do it? I have never found that equipment has ever "inspired" me. It is my surroundings and my mind. I only get new equipment when I have identified a "need".

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