What are your U1, U2, and U3 Settings on GR III(x)

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Re: What are your U1, U2, and U3 Settings on GR III(x)

ViMa wrote:

I have My1 named Street but it is basically my go-to for daylight shooting outdoors. In the GR III it's set in Aperture priority at f8, ISO 1600 (I don't mind high ISO and would rather have a high shutter speed, especially when shooting monochrome which I generally do) and snap focus at 1.5 or 2 (my GR III is on its way to MPB as I await my GR IIIx so can't check). WB is at daylight and I have a monotone preset that is as flat as possible. I mostly use the histogram to deal with the exposure.

My2 is named Night and is my go-to indoors or night shooting. It is Aperture priority at f2.8, ISO 6400, flat monochrome, multi auto WB and single point AF with full press snap enabled. I've been using this most of the time as I'm more or less confined home with a baby.

My3 is named Travel and is my main mode when travelling but also in general when I'm doing "dedicated photography" where I can take some more time to compose etc. (Not street or portraits). It's set on manual at f8, ISO100 and SS100 with auto WB and a flat monochrome setting as above. It's single shot AF but I've set the FN button for switch to manual focus (My1 and My2 I have been trying crop mode for my FN button, tentatively).

I have another setting called IR saved, in which I have the WB and settings saved for when I used a 500smth IR filter I have for monochrome IR photography. I have used that maybe once so far.

There's a way to access the other 3 settings but you can only use 3 at a time. Basically you relegate 3 of your 6 saved settings to your 3 options.

Thank you for your excellent response ViMa.

So, in your My1 example, the only variable would be shutter speed and maybe EC via the control dial?  On a mostly sunny day your exposure would need to be changed for bright sunlight to sunny but under a cloud, so you just change up your shutter speed in this case?

I am still trying to wrap my head around the Snap Focus feature.  I could possibly understand this at night because many have complained about its low-light focusing abilities, but why would you want this during the day?  Just for some type of preset DOF?

I would probably be ok with just the three U1, U2, and U3 settings on the Mode Dial...but who knows!  I will probably try some video but my Sony is much better at it, and oddly, probably my smart phone too, from what I'm hearing.

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