Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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Re: Why did you choose mirrorless ?

I was looking for something to bridge the gap between my full frame DSLR and my small sensor compacts.

Some years ago I came across the Sony Nex (now Alpha) system which seemed to be the smallest and most compact APS-C system available.     I was not seeking mirrorless per se, but the lack of a mirror box was an essential element contributing to the modest size, weight and bulk of the system.     Besides the smaller size compared to my full frame system, I could do with one lens on the Sony that required two lenses on the full frame system.

I consider mirrorless APS-C to be (for me I emphasize) the ideal compromise of format size, quantity of gear to be carried, and size/bulk.   While I still use my small sensor cameras, especially the tough cameras, the full frame system is parked.

The maximum size my printer will go is 13X19".     I can't see the difference between APS-C and full frame at that size.     So I see APS-C as the sweet spot, and mirrorless is just the avenue to that sweet spot.

These threads generally manage to devolve into vehement debates of DSLR vs mirrorless, with, as usual, no winners.     I fail to see the point.    I use what works for me, and respect others to do the same.   Whenever I am with other photographers, we talk only of photographs, not cameras.

The print that goes on the wall is my only objective.    We just traveled to visit our daughter and her husband who had purchased and remodeled a large expensive home in a very affluent community.     She has a number of my prints on her walls.    She has gone to specialty labs to get these done on canvas and metal at much larger sizes than I am capable of doing even with paper.      She has no interest in or knowledge of what equipment I used to get these photographs.    She only cares about how the photographs look on her walls.

I think that is as it should be.

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