SC-P600 new problem - suddenly ABW prints come out blue/green

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Re: SC-P600 new problem - suddenly ABW prints rcome out blue/green

ken5678 wrote:

i had a similar issue about two years ago. I think I posted about it in this forum

—. If you are getting a color cast, look for the issue being caused by the ink cartridge on the opposite side of the color wheel.

—- I neeeded to really shake the offending cartridge and that fixed it. It was not a violent shake, but a back forth zig zag circular motion for a minute or two.

I hope one or both of these can offer some help

Good luck,

I'll try that again. Did you notice an immediate effect? I mean, after shaking the cartridge there still will be quite a bit of "unshaken" ink in the system, right?

I tried to figure out, at least, the extend of the problem.
Therefore I scanned a few of my recent prints and plotted the CMY values. My scanner is of course a standard office grade one, but I thought it should at least give me an indication.
I used the color picker in Affinity and just grabbed a bunch of points on a grey-scale.

I understand a 50% neutral grey has 51/44/44 (CMY). So, I compensated for the higher C-value which is expected for a neutral grey.

Yellow and Magenta were consitently lower than expected which results in RGB values favouring blue. I am off by 8 Magenta and 12 Yellow, on average. Punching those numbers in the ABW fine adjustment gave me halfway decent results.

But why the hell did this happen suddenly?

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