SC-P600 new problem - suddenly ABW prints come out blue/green

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Re: SC-P600 new problem - suddenly ABW prints come out blue/green

Ken60 wrote:

This is amazingly daft ! All I can think of is that some printers use colour inks during B&W printing to " correct" the black inks. We all know if you look at a lot of blacks they are either blue or brown black . So , if the two carts, which strangely are the colours you would use to correct warm and cool, were lacking in ink density standardisation or some other variable, then this is possible

What do the colour prints look like from something like

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't print a color often, so I don't have a "before" print at hand. I printed the Outback file and the baby skin-tones definitely seem a little bluish. My wife also noticed blue in the strawberries.

The individual colours look fine, without banding. But I have no calibrated monitor to compare it with.

I printed it without ICC, just letting printer manage color. The B&W part also is blue again in the middle 2/3 of the image.

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