Allow rotation with friction for 1/4" threaded components

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Re: Allow rotation with friction for 1/4" threaded components

carpman wrote:

Hi all,

This is probably a really dumb question (and a washer of some description may be the solution), but I'm trying to find a good way to allow something like this:

Component A (cube adapter) has a female 1/4" thread
Component B (10mm rod) has a male 1/4" thread

I want A to be able to rotate with a little friction once B is screwed into it (without simply loosening the screw).

Is there some 1/4" threaded stiffened panning rotator out there that weighs <10g ?

Are there simple male/female 1/4" adapters that allow rotation ?

Any help much appreciated.


This, from my adapter bits box.

Made by Joby.  Black knurled knob on right screws the male thread (right) up.  The thick rubber washer on the thread allows control over tightness.  4 female threads in the red body.  All threads m/f are usual 1/4” UNC. Anodised aluminium 35g.

Example with bits attached. Black rod is 15mm dia; I.e. regular video rail size.

It’s called a Joby Hub Adapter.  May need a bit of searching to track one down.

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