Nikon D90 and SB800 Speedlight - many questions

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Nikon D90 and SB800 Speedlight - many questions

This is a follow up to another thread I posted.

Bought a Nik SB-800 speedlight to experiment with.

Been reading up on flash photography - so much to take in, but very interesting. My Amazon basket is now full of Snoots (bought a pringles tin to try first though!), Gels, Brollies and a mannequin head!!!

This will be a bit rambling as overwhelmed with info.

Tested as hotshoe flash taking photos of my dog and learned how to darken/brighten by altering EV stops on SB800 unit. TTL mode. Question, how can you accurately meter your exposure while the flash isn't firing? Should you compensate for the anticipated extra light?

Worked out how to use it as a slave device using the in-built camera flash to trigger remotely. Question, is there a way to do this without firing the in-built flash at the same time? I used my hand to block it while experimenting. Took this very uninspired pic as a test...

Initially thought coloured gels were just used creatively (I like the idea of a coloured light behind a portrait subject to 'jazz up' a boring background) - but reading further it seems they're also recommended for matching indoor lighting. Question, is this a common practice? I was recently asked to take photos of cheque presentations at work so perhaps a gel might be recommended? To match the ambient and fill lights? Another question, do you prefer manual white balance when shooting indoors, or auto/preset?

Tried firing the light through a colander for interesting shadows and it didn't work! Question, is this because the flash was too slow? Something to do with high speed sync? Haven't read much on this yet. Slowest flash shutter speed setting on my camera is only 1/60 - does this matter - do I just pick say 1/1200 for my exposure and flash will match it? Sorry, complete newbie question!

Had another query but can't remember it just now! So hopefully this wasn't too long-winded and that I didn't mess up any of the terminology. Thanks in advance!

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