Peak Desing plate doesn't fit Benro VX25?

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Richard B99 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,345

mattspace wrote:

s-trap wrote:

The Peak Design plate seems to be tiny bit thicker than Benro plate. So much for the "standard".

Capture Clip works fine on my Gitzo (screw) and 3LT (cam lever) ARCA heads. I can hang the camera upside-down from the tripod, and everything is nice and secure, no movement at all. That said, the Capture Clip is a lot thinner / lower profile than any of the other plates I have, so I have trouble picturing how the Benro plate could be thinner still.

Maybe the Benro head just isn't deep enough / isn't actually ARCA standard?

Likewise, my capture clip works fine in a range of Arca clamps but not in a couple of Chinese made clamps (including a Benro one). So, most likely it’s the Benro clamp that’s off standard.

I’d also note that I’m not fantastically enamoured with the capture clip plates.  They are very good in the capture clips but I don’t like them with tripods at all because the hard plastic on top of the plate coupled with the small contact area doesn’t really hold everything together well and the camera / lens can flex on the plate and/or allow the rig to twist.  Generally ok with a light camera and lens but a bigger lens needs a stronger camera/ lens plate or, better, a lens plate with integrated Arca dovetails.

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