Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

Leolab wrote:

I got burned-out too.

I turned to film photography as a means to rekindle my interest in photography. I found digital to be too ‘easy’ …too easy to fire away at things that are not worth taking pictures of, too easy to not think about composition and lighting (with great ability to crop and alter shadows/highlights), too easy to get lost in the technical perfection (noise and noise reduction, resolution and megapixels), too easy to always nail exposure (with incredible ISO capabilities, auto-everything including AF). I still shoot digital but i enjoy shooting film more.

When everything comes together with film (lighting, focus, composition…) you feel like you created the image vs with digital you captured the image. The film cameras themselves can sometimes be works of art or feats of enginnering and can be an absolute joy to operate as can the lenses…

I shoot B+W and develop my own at home, its actually pretty inexpensive and easy, including Medium Format.

Now i know that film is not for everyone, but IMHO its a great inexpensive way to reconnect with photography, and yes it does give a look that you cant’t easily replicate with digital…its just different.

I am not that extreme, I'd suggest trying some manual lenses. Nowadays there are a plethora of cheap chinese manual lenses with a variety of focal lengths and appertures to chose from. You don't need the newest camera, but be aware that if you buy at a good price, you won't lose a lot if you keep it in good condition.

In my case, I thought I would hate manual lenses, but nonetheless I bought a 7artisans 35mm f0.95 because it was very cheap (165€ brand new) and I wanted to try that extreme apperture. I ended loving to use it. It forces you to slow your shoting.

Sometimes while focusing I realize that the scene isn't worth it and I don't take the picture. Good! One less picture to erase when I get home.

It also reduces the keeper ratio, wich sometimes can be a good thing. When I'm playing with my son, if I take 70 pictures and all are well focused it's a pain to cull the good ones. With a manual lens with such an extreme apperture there are only a handful of focused ones lol

I know GAS is bad and all of that, but there's nothing wrong in trying new gear if you feel like you need/want it (specialy if it's not expensive). I personaly like a lot to try new focal lengths and my preferences chabge with time: at the beggining I loved the 23mm fov, but now I only use it when I can't use a tighter fov. I love the 56mm fov, but you can't use it in every situation, etc.

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