What is this gadget in my 'new' phone?

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Re: What is this gadget in my 'new' phone?

I believe all phones are capable of reading (not monitoring, as in constantly or periodically taking a measurement of your current heart rate) one's heart rate.  It needs an app, such as Health or another, that has the function built in.  When you open that app, and scroll down to where it says 'Heart', you can place your fingertip over the appropriate window and you'll get the measurement.

You can also use your fingertip to open the phone when the screen has been locked, or you can use your retina via a screen mounted scanner for that purpose.  But, you must find those functions and activate them.  The finger scanner will need about seven or eight readings with you altering your fingertip's position over the reader window slightly each time during the initial setup.

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