Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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Z lenses are better

Several friends had switched to the Nikon Z system and I had noticed that they were getting very clear images with nice colours from their new cameras. And all the tests were showing that Z lenses can be used wide open and still get sharp results edge to edge.

I have a long trip to Australia coming up (when Coronavirus allows). At the time I was using my old D800 with the 28-300 and 18-35 for Travel. It worked just fine but it's rather big and heavy. When the Z5 came out with the 24-200 lens I went for it immediately. It's a much handier package to carry around. I have since added four prime lenses.

I still have my D850 as main camera. I don't think that the Z cameras will achieve the same level of performance until the Z8.

I'm very interested in the 24-105 Z which should allow me to get one and a half stops more light than my 24-120 f4 (which I close down to f6.3 to sharpen the image and remove light fall-off)

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