Using the FTZ adapter with manual focus lenses

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Re: Using the FTZ adapter with manual focus lenses

LongTimeNikonUser wrote:

I'm contemplating getting the Z 7 II to replace my aging D3. I'm attracted to the smaller form factor vs the D850, say. The D6 is too bulky for my aging back, and also very pricey.

One concern about getting a Z camera is that adapter for F mount lenses. I still have a bunch of old MF lenses, all AI adapted, going back to my film days. I have read that FTZ adapter doesn't sense the aperture on MF lenses. Is this true?

If that is true, how well do MF lenses work with the Z 7 II? Is there any way to record the aperature into the EXIF data?

With my non-CPU lenses, you have to use stop down metering and the camera doesn't record any aperture information (the FTZ doesn't have an aperture feeler to detect setting).

With CPU lenses that I have used (Zeiss ZF.2 and Samyang) you have to close the aperture ring to the smallest aperture setting and use the camera dials to set the aperture which it will record. If you don't you get an fEE error and it won't let you shoot.

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