Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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Re: Why did you choose mirrorless ?

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

The original lightbulb was created over a 100 years ago. It still works. The same cannot be said of mirrorless--and for good reason.

I'll bite: What specifically prevents a mirrorless camera from still working in 100 years?

Among cameras, nowhere is the disease of frequent firmware updates, that has infected many modern devices, more apparent than in mirrorless bodies.

One never quite knows whether the next update will be the last one--bricking the device or crippling it somehow. How many half-baked mirrorless bodies have the manufacturers released, promising updates down the line? This is a double-edged sword.

The world of smart TVs and smartphones offers a glimpse into what could well be in store for cameras. Look at any smart TV thread on AVSforums. The owners live in constant fear that the newest update will cripple features.

With smartphones, Apple stops signing OS versions, preventing upgraders from downgrading. Some features disappear altogether in updated OS versions.

My ceiling fan has never needed a dubious software update to continue work. Nor has my bathroom faucet or lightbulb.

In this minefield, keeping a camera working for 100 years will require constant vigilance--as never before. In fact, unlike with film bodies, it may be impossible.

That's a goofy position to take to supposedly explain your statement.

First, bricking a camera - any kind of camera - through an official firmware update is an extremely rare event.

Second, updates stop being offered quite early in a camera's life cycle, at least with the brands I own. After that, there are no changes. Just keep using it.

Third, if you fear camera firmware updates for whatever reason, don't install them. Nothing forces you to do it.

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