Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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Re: Why did you choose mirrorless ?

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The original lightbulb was created over a 100 years ago. It still works. The same cannot be said of mirrorless--and for good reason.

I'll bite: What specifically prevents a mirrorless camera from still working in 100 years?

Not that this is restricted to ML cameras - but good luck finding a battery for it in 100 years. I am facing the same problem now with a fancy Dyson vacuum cleaner - the $100 battery is out of stock and we have to use a good old corded one. Many tablets and phones made now have the same problem.

Yep! Just the reason I was about to give and you beat me to it. Batteries just don't last that long. And once a product line is old, the need for the battery plummets, and there is no incentive for the battery to be produced any longer.

But the camera, if taken care of, should still be functional in 100 years, if only it could be powered up.

Considering how much cameras have changed in the past 100 years, I'm sure we can't even imagine what a new camera will be like in 100 years. We can guess and speculate, but no one can know.

Occasionally, you see things written 50 or 100 years ago guessing what things would be like in our day. Needless to say, no one is ever close.

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