iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

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Re: iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

tomatoketchup wrote:

I compared the two phones using RAW as well. Used Lightroom Mobile for RAW capture, processed the files on my Macbook using the desktop version of Lightroom, and got the same results regardless of how much/little sharpening and noise reduction I applied. I think there may be a design flaw with the new lens in the 13 Pro.

If you truly took the photo in RAW, then I take back my comment about invalid comparison on sharpness due to the JPEG algorithm.

On iPhone 13 Pro, there is ProRAW. On 12 Mini, I don't think believe RAW can be capture. I am not aware of any 3rd party software that can access Apple image output to get RAW directly. But I don't have experience with Lightroom Mobile, so I cannot say for sure. I suspect LR is just taking the JPEG output and saving it as DNG and calling this RAW capture.

I have iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung S20 FE. The JPEG difference is night and day. Apple has less sharpening, more details, less noise, less artifacts. Samsung has very heavy sharpening, less details, more noise, and more artifacts from JPEG compression. So in this comparison, less sharp is actually better to me. I rather keep more details and I can always sharpen later.

If you do find 12 Mini better than 13 Pro, then that is a plus, right? You can save money and keep on using 12 Mini.

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