7D Mark II, AF Microadjustment The Norm?

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Re: 7D Mark II, AF Microadjustment The Norm?

Ray UK wrote:

Some people will say "I have never had to apply MFA to any of my lenses", but I believe they are either very lucky or don't know what they are looking for.

I have had 3 different Canon DSLRs and every one has needed some MFA in varying amounts (the 7D2 included), after all these things are mass produced and the factory focus settings ensure that they are adjusted within their tolerance limits. If you are lucky then you might get one that falls in the middle of the tolerance range and is near perfect, otherwise you are going to need MFA to tweak the adjustment ( that is what is there for).

Having said all that, there are also people out there who are making tiny MFA adjustments which make no visible difference to their photographs, but at least it makes them feel better.

Incidentally your R6 would not need MFA because it is not a DSLR.

I must be lucky. I have never checked my EFs-60mm as it only gets used in manual, my MPE-65 does not have focussing so no need to MA that. My 5 L lenses and my 3 other EF-S lenses I ran through FoCal and they were all at zero or +- 1 depending on  time of day, wind direction, whether it was a Tuesday etc. You can repeatedly run the tool and it would make that small swing each test. Never worried out in the field that any of my shots were regularly off other than because of my own ineptitude.

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