35mm film scanner reviews

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Overrank wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

smithim wrote:

Assuming that you're looking at new scanners, this looks fairly sensible :-


Something is wrong there. Four of the Plustek models are described, but the only two Pacific Image (Reflecta) products listed are not even the company's actual film scanners, which are quite good - just a low end film digitizer and a movie film digitizer are mentioned.

I wonder if you even get the same article in different countries - I get the Pacific Image PowerFilm Scanner (the Reflecta 10M), the Kenro 4-in-1 Film & Photo Scanner and the Reflecta cine film scanner (plus the Plustek and the Epsons). So if you’re getting a low end Reflecta it suggests they’re tailoring the article to different markets.

Intriguing. This is the summary of what I see in the US:

This is an overview, but may be biased :-


Almost the reverse situation: Pacific Image (Reflecta) mentioned heavily, Plustek only lightly.

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