G550 (650 etc) Mac printing - scum dots?

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Re: G550 (650 etc) Mac printing - scum dots?

Keith Cooper wrote:

"...switched over to Apple Airprint. Mainly to improve user experience for mac users, and ensuring compatibility with future updates"

Suffice to say, I have questioned this - I'll not post my actual words

The one positive is that my 'profiles' produce very nice looking prints and quite reasonable B&W.

The greeting cards for example look great - more than good enough for Etsy...

Of course this is no real answer for some, but those troubled by Airprint are not in the target market

AirPrint may work as intended for the target market when using Mac IOS devices like iPads and iPhones, I don't know since I haven't tried it. But it's a mess on Mac OS (as of OS 10.14.6 Mojave), so I don't see how it could possibly improve the "user experience" for Mac OS users unless some radical improvements have occurred in newer Mac OS's like Catalina or Big Sur.

As you say, the target audience typically doesn't know or care about a color managed workflow, not even one using Apple applications like Pages which offers a "printer manages color" workflow via apple ColorSync, yet even there, Apple ColorSync is deprecated and you have to really be looking for it in the manufacturer's driver to find it and use it properly.

Lastly, I would note that one can indeed custom profile an already "vendor calibrated" printing workflow, and some goodness can come of it under some circumstances. It should also be stressed that this approach is not the same as accidentally "double profiling" which always causes problems. Nor is it the equivalent in overall quality compared to starting with a truly "No color adjust" printer pipeline when printing the profiling targets. And therein lies the rub for photo enthusiasts who might consider this printer model but wish to work with other third party media where no "baked in" color management scheme is likely to offer as good a result as a true iCC Profile built for that printer/ink/media combination.


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