G550 (650 etc) Mac printing - scum dots?

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Re: G550 (650 etc) Mac printing - scum dots?

Mark McCormick wrote:

From earlier comments you've made about the G550, I have real doubts that this printer can be profiled properly. Are you seeing these scum dots in the pure white (RGB = 255,255,255) patch of your profiling targets?

I'm seeing over the entire area of paper - right up to the edge

I'm checking this with Canon (UK) - it might be a printer fault...

I was hoping to test the light fade resistance of this printer's "chroma life 100" ink formulation when it becomes more available in the USA, but only if I can profile the printer properly.

I don't have access to a windows PC to see if the set-up there allows for 'real' profiling

I'm beginning to think the AirPrint driver hasn't evolved at all over the last few iterations of Mac OS.

Ah - I'm using 10.13 on my laptop for testing, and 10.14 on my Mac Pro - nothing newer is coming unless paying work picks up drastically. I don't drive a 2003 car by choice

If so, then it's a deal breaker, because every time I've looked at the AirPrint driver in the past, it's a total disaster. Apple and Canon, what were you thinking?

"...switched over to Apple Airprint. Mainly to improve user experience for mac users, and ensuring compatibility with future updates"

Suffice to say, I have questioned this - I'll not post my actual words

The one positive is that my 'profiles' produce very nice looking prints and quite reasonable B&W.

The greeting cards for example look great - more than good enough for Etsy...

Of course this is no real answer for some, but those troubled by Airprint are not in the target market

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