Upgrade from 5D mkII to 1DX mkII ?

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Re: Upgrade from 5D mkII to 1DX mkII ?

gglad wrote:

I have a 5D mkII that has served me extremely well over the past ~12 years. The majority of shooting during that time has been under controlled studio lighting, or relatively still available light situations.

I recently have gotten into shooting more action related things- sports and aviation in particular. I was able to borrow a Canon EF 100-400 (II) and also the Sigma 100-400mm and tried shooting with both. In general the results in normal daylight using both (handheld) were amazing- when in focus! Both lenses had a hard time staying focused on the moving subjects (tried with and without OS).

How much does the camera itself play into the ability to quickly focus on stuff in this situation? I am looking at buying a 100-400mm lens, and if I go with the Sigma refurbished I may save enough in the lens purchase to afford an upgrade to my camera body. I am considering moving to a used 1DX mkII. Would the focus system on that body (or any other particular newer body) improve my ability to focus in these contexts?

I would like to stick with the EF format since I have a few EF-L lenses in wider formats that I like to use in closer situations..

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

I'm a photojournalist and used two 5D II for several years after they first hit the market. I'm shooting with IV bodies now, but the main reason I sold the II and upgraded to the III was the 5D II horrible hit rate for action. Even the slowest action would miss over 85%.

That said, the 5D II produces rich, juicy stills and is great for landscapes or studio or portraits or parties, but it simply is not an action camera, even for the simplest situations like someone walking slowly along a sidewalk. And forget about sports or wildlife. It doesn't matter what lens, setting or lighting situation you use.

If you are getting into any sort of action situation, almost any of the more recent bodies will work FAR better than the venerable 5D II.

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