7D Mark II, AF Microadjustment The Norm?

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Re: 7D Mark II, AF Microadjustment The Norm?

PhotosFlight wrote:

Distinctly Average wrote:

In my case I have had no issues with Canon lenses but have needed to MA third party ones. Only time I did have to do one was temporarily after I dropped it. It went for repair and once I got it back it was spot on.

In this case the lenses are perfect on the other bodies but I had to do a little MA on the 7D Mark II. They are L series lenses. I'm not concerned as the MA capability exists for a reason. Interesting to hear your experience.

I'm sure when you dropped the lens it happened in slow motion.

Total slow motion. Not as slow as when I dropped a 5D3 and lens in the canal.

If you are a CPS member you could get the camera calibrated if the MA is quite bad. Sounds like it is within a range you are happy with. Great camera IMO. Love mine, still going strong at 750K+ on the shutter.

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