35mm film scanner reviews

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Re: 35mm film scanner reviews

Andrew Denny wrote:

What expert independent 35mm film scanner reviews are there? I don't want to trust Amazon reviews.

Thanks for any help.

New film scanners are pretty limited, there’s

* Plustek 8200i

* Plustek 135i

* Reflecta ProScan 10T

* Reflecta RPS 10M

and some higher end slide scanners

(The Reflecta are also known as PrimeFilm in the USA with different model numbers)

I’ve owned the Plustek 8200i and Reflecta 10T and would recommend either of them.

There are also Epson flatbeds (V600 and V850 new) and many, many different models available second hand.

Filmscanner.info is the main site for scanner reviews ( https://www.filmscanner.info/en/FilmscannerTestberichte.html ) but be aware that they do sell scanners and some reviews see a little biased ( the Plustek review for one)

There are also reviews on this forum and places like 35mmc.com

If you have specific requirements ( resolution, speed, automation etc) then mention it as people may be able to provide specific recommendations too

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