Results from Mini Challenge #644

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Results from Mini Challenge #644

I want to start by saying thank you all for your patience and participation. It's because of you that the Mini Challenge keeps going even when there are a few glitches along the way.

I also want to compliment you for the comments you paid to one another about the amazing photographs. You gave each other a chance to see places and things you might never have had an opportunity to see. In my humble opinion that's one of the most important things about having the challenge. I think it inspires us to go out and visit some of the places we've seen or at least go some place.

Thank you very much for your comments about my mishap. I really appreciate your willingness to let me pick the winners of this challenge. It is an honor and always has been.

Honorable Mention Entries: In no particular order

Krutvatnet (Norway on the border of Sweden) Amazing shot by Ab S

Amalfi Coast by Don Ontarian who knows where to vacation

Canyon lands, Utah By Bill Borne who gets the absolute best from the west.

Papua, New Guinea By Sidecarural who got several amazing shots of the people there

Honorable Mention Exhibits: In no particular order:

Beautiful Iceland by Val ( always fun to see a photo of the photographer) Aloha Val

Love this mysterious shot into the mist from Alaska by Mike Geier

By Jerry R and beautiful Venice (So quaint and lovely)

A dreamy romantic vacation spot by Snappy Den in Chianti, Italy

Wonderful shot from Valencia, Spain by Digitcallous

Amazing and beautiful shot by Snappy Den in Beynac, France

Wonderful shot from Scotland by Gordon RW (Enjoyed the way you spoke about your town)

On the road again with Greg in Windsong, PA and getting shots like the beautiful one below

Alice modeling native costumes in a China by Jerry045 (So beautiful and delicate)

Lovely ladies from Bali, Indonesia taken by Myreality (have friends who have visited there and loved it)

Last but not least the Winners, However, in my book, everyone who participated is a first class winner.

I better start because I want to make the deadline and have it done today. It's 11:40 my time.

Tie for Third Place:

Bill Bourne and Monument Valley Utah (One day he's going to let me go shooting with him and the fellows) Such beauty!

Library Of the Cathedral of Lima Peru by Rodrigo Pasiani Thought it was beautifully photographed and lighting was great

Tie for Second Place:

Absolutely beautiful from Iceland by Don Ontarian

Jerry R's gorgeous canal in Venice. Love the reflection of the building in the water.

First Place winner is:

Jerry045 with his fantastic shot of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey As most of us know Jerry and his lovely wife have been in almost every country there is and he's got the beautiful photos to prove it.

Here are the rules Jerry. I know you know them

The title of this Mini-Challenge # 645 is

Please, do consider submitting your images as "Entries".

This challenge begins now and runs until for one week, (provide date and time)

The basic rules.

  1. Maximum 3 Entries and/or as many exhibits as you wish.
  2. Photos must have been taken by you and may have been taken on any device.
  3. No restrictions on post processing or composite images.
  4. Please state in header whether image is an entry or exhibit. Non-labelled examples will be assumed to be exhibits.
  5. Post all images using the "Reply to Thread" button below this post.
  6. Awards: First, Second and Third places for entries and Honorable Mentions for other entries and exhibits.

Grand Prize: The first place winner has the "privilege" of creating and hosting the next Challenge and has 3 days to begin it. The winner can respond to the host with a forum post or PM. If the winner does not respond in 3 days, or declines to host, the second place winner becomes the next host. If the second place winner declines to host, the third place winner becomes the next host.


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