G500 or Canon S400?

Started Nov 3, 2003 | Discussions thread
Jim Cockfield Forum Pro • Posts: 16,342
Quotes from S400 and G500 users

D83 wrote:

Trying to decide between the two, anyone had experience of both and
care to share an opinion?

Two posters here have used both cameras.

See this thread, where I quoted forum poster Nyugen (who owns both the Canon S400, and the Konica KD-510z, which is identical to the Minolta DiMAGE G500, except for the logo). I also included links to his posts about the differences:


See this post from forum poster Adam (who has owned the Canon S400, Konica KD-400z, KD-500z, and new Minolta G500 (Konica KD-510z):



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