How to use DxO PL4 with Sony RX0

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How to use DxO PL4 with Sony RX0

I've been evaluating DxO with a trial version the last few days. I've been pretty impressed with its ability to sharpen and reduce noise for my APS-C mirrorless camera, but I was disappointed to find out that my Sony RX0 is not supported. Being a smaller sensor, it could really benefit from the Deep Prime noise reduction, even at relatively low ISOs.

I didn't give up that easily, though. I know from processing RX0 pictures with Darktable (which also doesn't officially support the camera), that the distortion profile of the lens is pretty similar to the RX1R II, which DxO does support. So I decided to try editing the EXIF data in my RX0 files to make DxO think the picture was taken with the RX1R II. Sure enough, it worked! I used a command line program called exiftool to edit the metadata. Here is the command to switch it to the RX1R II:

exiftool -SonyModelID="DSC-RX1RM2" -Model="DSC-RX1RM2" -LensSpec="35mm F2" -LensInfo="35mm f/2" -FocalLength="35.0 mm" $FILENAME

where $FILENAME is the name of the ARW file you want to edit. It will keep a copy of the original for you. After doing this, it imported into DxO just fine. The one adjustment I made was to turn the vignetting correction down to 50%, since the RX0 seems to have less vignetting than the RX1R II.

Warning: this is obviously not officially supported by DxO, and neither they nor I am responsible for anything that may not work with this operation. However, it seems to work really well. I am quite impressed with the results. Here is the best I could do with Darktable, plus bringing it into an AI sharpening program called AKVIS Refocus AI afterwards:

Darktable + AKVIS Refocus AI

And here is the DxO version:


Here are a couple 100% crops compared:

The improved sharpness and noise reduction are really noticeable when used as a desktop wallpaper. It's almost like my camera suddenly got a much bigger sensor.

When you are done editing, you can change the EXIF in the final JPG back to indicating the RX0 again:

exiftool -SonyModelID="DSC-RX0" -Model="DSC-RX0" -LensSpec="24mm F4" -LensInfo="7.7mm f/4" -FocalLength="7.7 mm" $FILENAME

I'm sure there are also any number of GUI EXIF editing tools where you could make the same changes. I like the command line way because I can easily do it in batch. Hope this helps someone!

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