iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

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Re: iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

D00M wrote:

Sorry, but this comparison is quite worthless.

Cellphone JPEG is notorious for oversharpening. Different manufacturers and cameras use different level of sharpening. Once sharpened, it cannot be undone. It is better for camera to apply minimal (reasonable) sharpening and let the user do sharpening in post.

For phone camera comparison:

Take scene with sky and dark shadows. Look at the dynamic range. Is the sky blue (not overblown) and shadows have some details?

When taking photo of people faces, how is the skin tone. If you are shooting JPEG (and not RAW), you cannot correct truly white balance or skin tone. So this is important.

When taking photos of people face in slight shade with bright background, does the camera recognize the face and adjust for correct exposure on face. This will help the amateur photographer so they don't have to manual adjust exposure on face.

For those who care about portrait mode, can camera recognize foreground vs background correctly; and generate realistic out of focus blur.

I compared the two phones using RAW as well.  Used Lightroom Mobile for RAW capture, processed the files on my Macbook using the desktop version of Lightroom, and got the same results regardless of how much/little sharpening and noise reduction I applied.  I think there may be a design flaw with the new lens in the 13 Pro.

I don't think the 13 Pro has a bad camera; it would more than adequate for most of my needs (had I not sent it back), and anytime I need more image quality I use my full frame camera.

The issue is that side by side in good to medium lighting conditions, the 13 Pro is either exactly the same or slightly worse than my year old and now $400 cheaper iPhone 12 Mini.  I think this is useful information for anyone considering upgrading from one of last year's models.

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