Voigtla(en)der Nokton 35mm f1.2 - Part II

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Voigtla(en)der Nokton 35mm f1.2 - Part II

The original is full. I started a new version so comments or samples could be in one place for easy reference since there is some desire to see images from this lens.

My take after having it a couple weeks is - it has replaced my 35 f1.4 for all but a few applications which really require AFC and burst. On my Pro3 using the ERF and peaking in the magnified focus point of the ERF - this lens is very easy and fast to focus. Because of the chip - the bright lines and focus box of the OVF move smoothly with the focus ring. Presetting the distance on the lens scale, that can be done as you are setting up to take the shot with the camera to your side, means only a fast tweak is required for focus. I'm not sure AF/S is any faster.  That may come from the muscle memory developed using my M4.  While the Pro3 is not a range finder, the use of the ERF and peaking is very similar to aligning the image and its ghost in the range finder by tweaking a preset.

The distance scale and DOF scale one can display in the viewfinder actually have some meaning with this lens as the distance is read from the lens - not calculated by the AF algorithm. One can of course pick the DOF scale desired - one for digital and the other film which is what I use for printing.

A few from Saturday. First from a "despooking" walk with my wife and her new horse. Then from dinner.

The first two are at about f4. The precise focal point on Danny is his halter near the brass square by his nose. It is tack sharp there as one could count the threads in the seam. Since I was pretty close to Danny (the only crop was to a 4x5 aspect ratio) the DOF is fairly shallow maybe a meter at most - so basically the head. For a 8x10 (inch) print viewed at about 14 inches that would equate to a DOF of 2 feet according to the tables.

The last one - the two "girly" drinks at Bahama Breeze before dinner is shot at f1.2. The focus point is the top rim closest to the camera of the closest glass. It is in sharp focus but the rim is not a "sharp edge." Some of the condensation drops are also in the focal plane. Under the same conditions as above the DOF is about 3/4 of an inch as would be expected. But it seem to work well for this subject.  At f1.2 the lens is high resolution but does not have a high acutance. I don't like the term sharpness since it is not a well defined metric.  Resolution and acutance are and they are different metrics.  This main subject in this scene does not have sharp edges or a low acutance.  The f1.2 rendering gives a nice rendering for this particular scene.

Shed Row

There is a weed that grows in the Southeast US. There is none in my pasture or any horse pasture for that matter because it is to horses what catnip is to a cat. But it grows wild. After their first taste - they see a patch and drag you over to it. It is Spanish Needle and it is propertied to have a herb with healing powers. People dry the leaves and make a tea from it and make all sorts of claims from pain management to blood sugar control. I Don't know about that but horses sure love it.

Were we took our walk - Danny found several patches.

Danny Chowing Down

Later that day

Before Dinner

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