External photo storage - best options??

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Re: External photo storage - best options??

This may sound like overkill, but from your experiences perhaps not. I have the following:

  • one external HDD that has Time Machine backup
  • one external HDD that has a CCC clone
  • an external SSD that also has a CCC clone
  • a large capacity memory stick used only for my best pictures

I also have Dropbox and iCloud, but only the free options.

In your shoes I would seriously think about ring-fencing your best 10% or so pictures and keeping them as an additional backup, e.g. a memory stick, so that if the worst ever happened, you'd still have those (you could use a ***** rating system to identify those special pictures, and then create a smart album with those in, which would save having to update your albums every time you add more photos).

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