Dragonflies, Birds, & Lizards: a Walk w/snapa & rgwaller1 (10/15/21)

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Dragonflies, Birds, & Lizards: a Walk w/snapa & rgwaller1 (10/15/21)

Continuing with the wetlands wildlife action into summer, on a sunny and clear, but really hot, day of June 5, I had met up with rgwaller from the Sony full-frame boards, and then snapa joined us a bit later that day.  My last post left off with a few shots from June 5 as well, mostly starting off shooting with rgwaller.  About where this thread starts is where snapa joined us.

All of the following were taken with the A6600 and FE 200-600mm G OSS combo, and all are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size:

A male eastern pondhawk dragonfly perched on a reed, catching some sun.  Making up for the lack of really close focus on this lens by using all 600mm to still get in respectably tight

The pondhawks are one of the largest dragonflies - at the other end of the spectrum is the small eastern amberwing, who's small and stocky and almost looks like a wasp at a quick glance.  But they do have lovely rich colors

While we took a break under a shelter to chat and cool off, this distant anhinga popped up with a jewelfish stuck to its bill - snapa ran off after it, but I took the lazy way out with the 600mm reach to just shoot from where we were sitting  - I liked the light rim from the bright sun

We could also hear the peeping of little chicks, so after a little look around we found the red-winged blackbird nest with a few chicks waiting for mom to return with food

A basilisk lizard climbing its way up a tree on a small island

This young green heron was standing up on the rail as snapa and I approached - so we obliged him with some portraits

The parent wood stork in the center had just returned to the nest - its two quiet large chicks were facing off on either side waiting to see what got regurgitated up for lunch - and were ready to battle it out to see who could grab and swallow it first.  You can see there are dozens of other wood stork nests all around

The usually plain white and boring cattle egrets turn on a little color during mating season, and also like to fluff up the mohawk and chest feathers to look virile for a mate

A wood stork coming in for final landing at the nest, chicks already screaming in anticipation

A female anhinga in 'submarine mode' - body submerged and floating just under the surface, with the 'conn tower' above to have a look around

A nice green iguana, starting up some orange colors to begin mating - this was a fairly grown adult, with that big dewlap hanging under the chin and nice full spikes

It's fairly clear how this dragonfly got it's name - this is called a four-spotted pennant

A great blue heron walking along the levee, while a green iguana looks on by the shore in the background

Another green iguana, enjoying snacking on the clovers and grasses, in very strong backlight - I liked the way the colors pop in shadow against the backlight

A snowy egret down in the shade of the trees, using a low root branch from the partially submerged trees to grab a drink of water.

Comments, questions, and critique always appreciated and invited!

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