Wide End - Green Macro Focus Bar - Cool Pics P900 :)

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Re: Wide End - Green Macro Focus Bar - Cool Pics P900 :)

MrFraggle67 wrote:

Sorry I have not replied sooner as I did not get notification of your response.

I have the manual but have not found it particularly helpful.

You wrote this.

"The easiest way to shoot macro is to use the Scene mode Close-up. You can use Program mode as in the original post & use Macro focus, keep the zoom range in the green range switch focus to manual."

My apologies but I understand little of this. I know where 'Scene Mode' is but Close up?

Turn the top dial to Scene, then hit the menu button.  Use the top or bottom arrows to scroll through scene selections until you find Close-up, then it ok.

I have tried 'Program mode and found 'Macro focus but there seems to be two different icons indicating how close I can get. How do I get the triangle to appear as I would like to get as close to the insects I am trying to photograph as possible?

I never saw the triangle in camera.  I think it's a mythical symbol that only appears in the manual.  Use the wide end of the lens to get as close as possible.  Experiment with the zoom and focus & see how close you can get,

Sorry for my lack of understanding I am no spring chicken and I find learning new stuff takes me a bit longer.

There's a learning curve for everyone.  I think I've forgotten more than I know now.

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