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Re: Question about the XC 50-230mm

Marcus T wrote:


Just picked up the XC 50-230mm and am very impressed with the sharpness (w/XT 4). I am having a issue with very shallow depth of field at 230mm at long distances. Subject is about 150 m away, and the surrounding objects farther away are still out of focus. I've closed down the aperture, it helps a little. I've also used a wider focus array, but the main object loses sharpness.

How much distance is there between your main subject and what you describe as 'farther away'?

If shooting at 230mm and f8.0, you haven't reached the hyperfocal distance if your subject is 150m away, so you will still have to manage in-focus and out-of-focus areas as you normally would. The hyperfocal distance for those parameters would be around 330m, with objects in focus from 165m or thereabouts.

Will I be stuck using focus bracketing to get the sharpest images? Or is it the limitation of the lens?

DOF isn't lens specific. It's always a function of sensor/film area, aperture, focal length and subject/focus distance.

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